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the fabulous fang made this ):3

i made this one >w<



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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
im just a average everyday artist.
Poutine and cookies are my favourite food >w<

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more characters are added to the folder every so often ;w;
I'm failing one of my classes and can't seem to fix it so yay me
I already knew I would not be able to make it through my first year of high school
The semester is almost close to over.
My week is gonna be trashy
And I was almost sent to the office because I was trying a stress relief colouring book and my teacher called me into the hall and talked to me but I for the life of my could not speak this is really becoming a problem I don't think my problems can be fixed it's too late now I'm fed up with my home city I hate it here education here is trash and I have never not been bullied or lost a friend all my past has done to me is permanent it can't be fixed even if I tried
And chore after chore
Yay my whole day was wasted skippy do da day
What would you guys want as a 500 or so watchers thing?
I'm curious to know ;w;
Is 21.9k like a huge huge number like
Or is it a different number?
Just a quick PSA about gender

1. It's OKAY to be cis!! Don't let anyone (Tumblr included) tell you otherwise
2. It's NOT okay to be a jerk. Even if you don't believe in NB etc, you should respect people's pronouns. It probably means a LOT more to them than it does to you
3. It's okay to explore. You don't have to pick a label right away and stick with it.
4. And finally, one of the most important things, it's okay to backtrack - if you tell people you're going by he/him then later decide nah, it doesn't feel right, there is NOTHING wrong with changing your mind!! Please don't live your whole life regretting bc you were worried what people would think.
Trying to go to the bathroom but have a period cramp at the same time
I am in so much pain right now
How big does a canvas have to be for it to fit as a YouTube video? ;-;
Ooh and they are cranky too
What a day
My dad hugs me says today is Sunday and says it's a good day
Then says it's the day we all clean our rooms
And I say in my head I HATE you
Monique ref sheet .:Feral:. by GingerStars
Monique ref sheet .:Feral:.
Monique is a vampire lynx but she was not always part vampire you see... a incident happened but Monique can never remember how she got bit or by who.
Monique is a party all night kind of person she wears glowing bracelets and necklaces and even earrings.
she has two different looks the one on the right are her natural fur colours but her eyes are her true vampire eyes her pupils become super thin.
the one on the left is her dyed fur colours which are the vibrant purples and blues her ears and paws are blue tipped but are blended with the turquoise like colour
she is energetic and its rare to see her calm except for when she sleeps ... if she sleeps that is...
she is best friends with Orchid and may or may not be having a secret smol crush on her hue hue.
Monique will tend to try to get Orchid to her parties and Monique has a place in Orchids heart as shown by the turquoise coloured glowing necklace Orchid wears.

ok so i made this ref because i might need it for future stuff ;w;
cough cough a collab im doing maybe?
My cousin just made a deviant art acount she is working on art to post at the moment so some art will be posted later tonight.
Monique ref sheet by GingerStars
working on a ref sheet for Monique
plz let me know your thoughts and what to add to her ref and such ;-;
ugh im getting sick of having a spoiled cry baby 8 year old sibling
i am being told to leave my room and sit upstairs
because my parents are going out this is absolute garbage
i just want to be in my room
Recommend me animation memes
I might try ;w;
Kinda like art of my characters from here on deviant art
i am Lunathewolf123
on animal jam so if you see a GingerStars it's not me guys
any of my characters or multiple for this I just think it would be cool to have a bit of art in my den
more characters are added to the folder every so often ;w;

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